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Fast & Unlimited Internet in Rural areas​​

Ranked #1 Rural Internet Provider in Canada
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#1 Business VoIP Services in Canada​

Message, video, and phone on any device. Trusted by over 400,000 businesses.
Plans Starting at $24.99/month

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Tangerine Cash Back Credit Card​

With no annual fee, Tangerine’s Money-Back credit card actually pays you to spend money. Apply for Tangerine Credit Card and start saving.​ #0 annual fee 2% cashback on all your purchases No limit on the total cashback you can earn on your purchases

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Home Trust Preferred Visa Credit Card Review

Home Trust Preferred Visa card is best suited to both frequent travellers and online shoppers. Since there is no annual fee, no foreign currency transaction fees, and cash back on every type of purchase, this is the best kind of card to have whether you are frequently heading away from home for business/recreation or you prefer to shop from the comfort of your couch.

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Best 5-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates in Canada

In a 5-year mortgage, your monthly mortgage repayments won’t change for five years. Even if base interest rates or standard variable rates change, you’d still be paying the same interest rate when you took out the loan.

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Acanac Review – Acanac Internet Review & Plans

Acanac currently offers two home internet plans. The DSL plan is mainly outdated and the more expensive of the two, while also having atrocious speeds. On the other hand, they have a competitive cable internet offer. Note that Acanac’s cable internet plan in Quebec differs from the one in Ontario.

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Fizz Internet Review – Fizz Home Internet Plans & Review

Fizz is an innovative, online-only telecom provider. It’s a subsidiary of Vidéotron and borrows infrastructure from them as well. Their services are available across residential areas in Quebec and Ontario, and they’re planning to expand, based on their parent company’s existing infrastructure.

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Diallog Review – Diallog Internet Plans and Reviews

Diallog is a reliable DSL internet provider operating out of fixed locations, but with plans to expand to additional provinces in Canada. The company offers very economical plans starting at $25 with a $10 or $15 dry loop fee with no fixed contract and is suitable for a small family with basic internet usage.

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Primus Review – Primus Internet Plans and Reviews

Primus is an internet provider offering high-speed internet services across Canada. Both residential and commercial users can get plans suitable for their needs. Internet speeds and the pricing structure varies according to location, but you can expect reliability and the option of bundled internet and VoIP services.

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Shaw Review – Shaw Internet Plans and Reviews

Shaw offers affordable high speed internet for Western Canada. With speeds up to 1.5Gbps, they are an ideal choice to provide your home internet and television services. This reputable telecom company offers competitive rates and attractive bundles.

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Novus Review – Execulink Internet Plans and Reviews

Novus provides high-speed internet for apartment and condo owners in Metro Vancouver. They offer multiple fiber optic speeds and month-to-month plans and come with an innovative Novus app that allows you to track your bill payments online and monitor your internet usage.

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Execulink Review – Execulink Internet Plans and Reviews

Execulink offers residential and business internet solely for the greater Ontario area. You can enjoy the benefits of unlimited data with Execulink for no additional fees and with no contracts. Cruise the internet with speeds of up to 1Gpbs and enjoy true customer service with Execulink.

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Best Travel Insurance Credit Cards In Canada

When planning for your vacation whether locally or to foreign countries, it is advisable to charge it to your credit card. You need also to ensure that your credit card has an insurance coverage feature to enhance your safety when travelling.

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Rent Vs Buy

To make a sound financial decision on whether to continue to rent or to buy, the first step is to determine whether you have enough cash on hand to make a down payment of at least 5%. Next, you’ll want to calculate all the additional fees and costs associated with purchasing a home.

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Best Cashback Credit Cards in Canada

Earn money while you spend with Cashback credit cards. Why not get rewarded while using a credit card to make purchases? Cashback credit cards in Canada offer anywhere between 1% to 5% money back for every dollar spent using your cashback card.

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Best Low Interest Credit Cards in Canada

If you carry balances on your credit card, a Low-Interest rate credit card would be your best choice. A low-interest rate credit card allows you to minimize the charges on your balances and pay back the money you owe quicker with the lowest interest among all credit cards.

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Rogers Wireless Review

Rogers is offering new ways to connect, as a pioneer in the field of both business and personal connectivity. They have a number of physical retail outlets that provide an interactive and futuristic experience for customers with the latest products on display. What’s great about Rogers is how futuristic its services are – it offers the latest in 5G technology and in Smart Home connectivity.

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What is 5G and Why You Should Know About it + Best 5G Phones

5G stands for “5th generation” in the mobile network talk. You have probably heard or overheard someone say, “My 4G is not working” and that is what they mean. 5G is the new big thing because it is a new global wireless standard that follows the 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

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Rogers 5G Coverage area and Plans

Rogers 5G network was launched sometime in January 2020 in both the city of Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa, all in Canada. It recorded quite a rapid progress that the coverage expanded to over 100 cities and towns in a space of ten months.

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5G Guide for Canadians: Setting the Record Straight

5G is the next generation of wireless technology for your smartphone. It will be significantly faster than 4G networks and will be capable of handling so much more. 5G breaks the current barriers and exceeds the current limitations of 4G LTE communications.

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Fairstone Financial Loans Review

Fairstone has several options for debt consolidation. The company singles out its secured loans since they can provide you with more money (up to $15,000 more than unsecured loans), making it ideal for consolidating loan balances or large credit card debt.

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Best Mortgage Rates Nova Scotia

We have compiled a list of lowest mortgage rates available in Nova Scotia from Banks, Brokers & Credit Unions. Our Rates are updated daily and you can find today’s best mortgage rates offered in Nova Scotia below.

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Best Mortgage Rates in Saskatchewan

Compare the Best Mortgage Rates Saskatchewan to find the lowest variable & fixed mortgage rates currently offered. Find the lowest mortgage rates in Saskatchewan for different Rate Types & Terms. The Most Popular Mortgage Rates in Saskatchewan is 5 Year Fixed.

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Best Mortgage Rate in New Brunswick

Mortgage Rates in New Brunswick fluctuate at regular intervals. We shop for the best fixed and variable mortgage rates in New Brunswick and provide you with the best rate currently available.

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Prime Rate

All of Canada’s main banks and financial institutions use the prime rate also called the prime lending rate as the annual interest rate. This rate influences the interest rates levied on variable loans, variable rate mortgages, and lines of credit.

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Mortgage Calculator – Calculate your Mortgage Payments

Calculate your mortgage payments and see how much you can afford. Compare up to three scenarios with different payment options property price and down payment to see which option suits your needs. We have the simplest and the most user friendly and interactive Mortgage payment calcuator in Canada.

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