Best Public Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Compare and find the best Public Mobile Cell Phone Plans in Canada. If you are looking for the best cell phone plan deal you need to look beyond the top 3 and look at smaller Providers like Public Mobile.

Priding its company as Canada’s cellular service provider that has the largest 4G LTE network, Public Mobile offers a simple approach to wireless communication services. Public Mobile provides a SIM card and a reliable network to each of its customers and lets them create their own preferred plans.

Public Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Public Mobile is a SIM-only wireless service that offers services throughout Canada. They use 4G LTE network to offer fast connection anywhere, anytime. With Public Mobile, you can use your own unlocked phone or buy a competitively priced factory refreshed phone that comes with a 30-day warranty and free shipping.

Public Mobile’s business model is focused on community and cooperation. They offer discounts to members who help someone in the Community.

Public Mobile is a mobile service carrier based in Canada. It uses the Telus Network to give its customers 3G and 4G service in the bundle of their choice. They are known for their diverse customization options that give customers the ability to fine-tune their data usage requirements, long distance minutes, and even the length of the plan to their specific needs.

While many prepaid carriers restrict customization on the plans, prices, and bundles that are available to its customers (and for how long or short they can sign for them), Public Mobile is known for its flexibility, including plans that last as little as 10 days for temporary phone service needs.

In addition to its temporary service offers, Public Mobile also provides a range of prepaid bundles that range in price from $15 to $80. As an exclusive SIM service provider, Public Mobile doesn’t offer any hardware purchases like unique devices. However, their SIM cards are designed to fit most phones and shouldn’t conflict with your hardware.

This streamlined approach to data providing gives you this range of customization options in plans that have no-hassle cancellations, no fees, and no contracts.

Though you have to use your own device to sign up for a Phone Mobile service plan, they offer a wide range of customizable service plans with a range of distinct features that make them one of the more popular options for individualized mobile phone services in Canada.

Best Public Mobile Unlimited data/high Data Plans

Public Mobile is known for offering a wide range of plans. Its best high data plan is a $50 contract that gives you 8GB of data at 3G speed. If you use autopay to sign up for this contract, you also receive a bonus of 500 MB of data.

Best Public Mobile Talk and Text Plans

Public Mobile has a range of talk and text plans that offer different services depending on your monthly needs. The plans range from $40 down to just $15 a month and could be ideal for you depending on how much (or how little) you plan on using your data.

Best Public Mobile Data Only Plans

If you decide that you need a mobile phone plan to send data and nothing else, Public Mobile also has a data-only plan. It costs $30 and gives you 1 GB of 4G LTE Data. More data can be purchased on this plan using Public Mobile’s add-on options but you don’t get any talk or texting on this plan.

Public Mobile offers a variety of options and add-ons including:

Plan length of 10 days for $5, 30 days for $10 or 90 days for $25.

You can also choose your voice call coverage area to include province-wide for $10, Canada-wide for $12, Canada and the U.S. for $15 or you can opt not to include voice calls as part of your service.

For $6 you can add unlimited global text to your service or opt not to include text as part of your package.

Data options range from 150MB for 10 days at $10, 500MB for 10 days at $15 or 1GB of data for 10 days at $20. You also have the option of excluding data from your plan.

Best Public Mobile Prepaid Plan

All of Public Mobile’s plans are prepaid, which means that you either pay separately for your talk and data plan each month or set up autopay to conduct each transaction for you (it still processes separately each month). You save $2 per month by signing up for autopay.

After your first year of continuous prepaid plan coverage, you also become a loyalty rewards member with Public Mobile, which saves you $1 every 30 days after your first year, $2 every 30 days after your second year, and so on for as long as you have a Public Mobile service plan.

You will also receive a one-time $10 credit with Public Mobile if you are referred to its services by a friend. In addition, Public Mobile offers a $1 discount off your monthly service payment each time you refer a friend to their carrier services. For as long as they stay with Public Mobile, you keep getting the discount.

Public Mobile Network Coverage

Public Mobile’s phone service operates on the Telus network. This is one of the primary reasons that Canadian residents flock to Public Mobile. They provide the same speed and coverage as Telus but as a range of cheaper, prepaid plans that are more customizable and more available than those offered by the Telus corporation directly.

Public Mobile’s coverage is known for being one of the fastest mobile networks in Canada. The Telus network has shown download speeds on their 4G and 3G networks of speeds around 15 megabits per second for downloads and 9 megabits per second for uploads (this was on both their 3G and 4G mobile networks).

It’s important to note that roaming is not supported by Public Mobile outside of Canada or the United States. To continue using your plan, you would need to purchase another SIM card from your destination or buy a travel card for the purpose.

In addition, different plans give you different customizable options in terms of long-distance calling and associated fees. Bundles that include options for Canada-wide international calling and coverage for the United States will affect the price of your plan. Search through the add-ons on the Public Mobile website to find the right combination of data coverage for you.

Remember that all of these plans support unlimited talk and text within Canada so that’s not something you need to worry about.

Popular and Exclusive Features available with Public Mobile

Public Mobile has many features that give it the reputation of being one of the fastest and most robust mobile service plan providers in Canada. Here’s a brief guide to some of these features.


With Public Mobile’s numerous prepaid plan options, you can customize your plan for your needs. They have several popular plans available that increase in $5 to $10 increments per month depending on how much data usage you need.

All of these plans include the same reliable upload and download speeds through the Telus network and unlimited talk and text in Canada. Some also provide the same coverage in the United States.

Their flat-rate bundles also encourage you to customize the length of time that your plan is active, catering to your mobile phone service needs no matter how temporary or specific your requirements. They sell service plans in 10, 30, and 90-day bundles at a flat rate. All of these include the same rewards package and unlimited text and calling as their monthly plans.

Long-distance calling and data usage are two factors that can be heavily catered to by your specific add-on purchases on the Public Mobile website. You can purchase these features in specific amounts (see below for prices) to pay only for the minutes and data that you want to use each month.

This level of customization makes Public Mobile the service provider of choice for those that need a phone for a temporary business venture, vacation, or who want to change the amount and type of service that they pay for every month, rather than waste money on features that they don’t need.

Refer a friend

One of Public Mobile’s many rewards program features is the “refer a friend” reward. This earns you a $1 credit every month for each friend that you refer to Public Mobile. The friend will also receive a one-time $10 credit for signing up through your recommendation once they enter in their unique referral code.

As long as the friends you refer remain customers with Public Mobile, you will continue to get this reward for as long as your plan is active.

Remember that the unique referral code has to be input into the SIM card on activation. This code can be found in the self-service section of your Public Mobile account. Your friend has to use this code to activate their phone. Otherwise, you can’t claim the bonus later.

Public Mobile offers a variety of roaming plans for those who travel frequently or who are planning an upcoming trip:

  • The U.S. Talk, Text and Data Bundle includes 10 days of unlimited voice calls and global text services and 250MB of data for $20
  • The U.S. Talk and Text Bundle includes 10 days of unlimited voice calls and global texting for $15
  • The U.S. Talk Only plan includes 10 days of unlimited voice calls for $8
  • The U.S. Text Only plan includes 10 days of unlimited global texting for $8
  • The U.S. Data Only plan includes 10 days of 250MB of data for $10 or 500MB of data for $15 or 1GB of data for $20
  • Within Canada, you can also add services such as adding 200MB of data for $10 or 1GB of data for $30. Unused data can be accumulated and added to your next billing cycle.
  • Canada and U.S. long distance add-ons can be purchased for $8 for 200 minutes and $15 for 400 minutes including international calls. Unused minutes can be accumulated and added to your next billing cycle.
  • One thing that sets Public Mobile apart is their rewards program which rewards customers for things like loyalty and referrals as well as participating in their online community.

Loyal customers can save $1 a month after their first year and $2 a month after their second year and so on. For referring a friend, customers earn a discount of $1 per friend off monthly payments for as long as the referred friend remains with Public Mobile. And community helpers can get up to $10 off their monthly payments.

Public Mobile

Customers who want to have control over what goes on their plans can set their own terms including how long they want to use Public Mobile’s services.

Customers are given the option to choose from a 10-day, 30-day or 90-day plan. They can also choose from a variety of plans that allow them to call within designated locations – within Canada and the United States, within provinces in Canada or within Canada.
Customers enjoy talk, text and data services.

Those opting to have the Talk and Text plan will enjoy its unlimited feature. However, customers also have the option to not include the Talk or the Text feature in their plans.
All Public Mobile Cell Plans come with Call Display and Voice Mail.
Public Mobile began operations in 2010, shortly the Canadian federal government’s initiative to encourage competition in the wireless sector. Now, it offers affordable plans to residents from across the country. Customers also get to choose from various promotions and offers that the company runs from time to time.

Here are the best new offers from Public Mobile

$2 AutoPay

Once you set up pre-authorized payments, you start saving $2 every 30 days. If you opt for the 90-day plan, you get a $6 credit every 60 days.

$1 Loyalty Pays

If you stay with Public Mobile for a year, you save $1 every 30 days during the second year. The amount increases to $2 every 30 days in the third year, $3 every 30 days in the fourth year, and so on.

$1 Per Friend

The person you refer earns a one-time $10 credit. You earn $1 every 30 days for every friend you refer for as long as they remain Public Mobile customers. With the 90-day plan, you get a $3 credit every 60 days, for each friend.

$20 Helping Others

You stand to save as much as $20 each month through points you earn by answering questions in the online Public Mobile Community. The company allocates these points in a tiered manner.

Public Mobile Plans Start at $10 Per Month

All Public Mobile plans come with call display, voicemail, and conference calling. The cheapest, most basic one is $10 per month.

With the $15 per month plan, you get:

  • 100 minutes of Canada-wide talk time
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited international text and picture messages
  • 250 MB data at 3G speed if you sign up for AutoPay

About Public Mobile

Public Mobile offers the same download and upload speeds as well as the same coverage as other plans on the Telus network. The associated features and fees are laid out on their website, but this summary should serve as a way to help you decide if they’re the right plan for your needs.

If you plan on using your phone only for calls in Canada, Public Mobile has many plans of differing data limits and features, though they all have unlimited talk and text (except for the data-only plan). Their plans can be customized to provide you as much time as you need if you plan on making international calls to the United States and elsewhere, or a data boost for a month where you know you’ll be collaborating on a large project remotely and will be doing a lot of document uploads.

Their long-distance add-on costs $8 more and adds 200 minutes of international call-time to the United States and to select international places. For $15, you can get 400 minutes.

As mentioned, you can also use their system of add-ons to increase the data limit on your current plan. For $10, you can add 200MB of data; for $30, you can add 1GB. Add-ons that you purchase in this way rollover, which is important to consider since the data that comes bundled with your monthly plan does not.

Consider your data needs before purchasing a plan. You may want one that gives you a higher data limit each month, or you may want to buy data separately for when you need it so that you don’t pay for data that you don’t use.

Partly because Public Mobile’s plans have to be installed on your own devices with their SIM cards, there are no fees or restrictions involved with cancellations. Since you don’t have to worry about financing a device or signing a contract, you never have to worry about cancelling early or switching plans.

So long as your name and address haven’t changed, you can easily transfer your old number to your Public Mobile service plan. If you have outstanding fees on your old plan, you may run into trouble. Otherwise, this process is easy from Public Mobile’s dedicated online activation page on its website.

Keep in mind that Public Mobile does not provide you with a phone. This means that they also cannot unlock a phone that is being serviced by another carrier. The terms and conditions for doing this have to be resolved with your current service provider.

This may seem like a downside, but Public Mobile’s streamlined service is one of its major draws. By not dealing with contracts or device financing, it’s easy to customize and pay for the plan of your choice, change it, or cancel altogether. You don’t have to worry about early cancellation fees since there’s no plan or contract.

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