Best Virgin Plus Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Plus is a massive communications provider offering coast-to-coast 4G LTE (‘Long Term Evolution’) data services to Canadian customers. They have a huge number of phone plans available and also provide a host of internet and multimedia offerings that integrate seamlessly with one another.

Virgin Mobile has plans that are excellent for its target market. However, they do not provide any data-only plans. In addition, they don’t offer any unlimited data plans. All of their plans have caps on them, with a fee for additional usage.

This can be contrasted to other carriers, who have a fixed amount of high-speed data with reduced speed for any GB used afterward. Still, most users will have more than enough data to keep going, depending on what plan is selected.

Popular Virgin Mobile Plan

Virgin Mobile Canada offers a $50 a month prepaid plan with unlimited local calling and 5GB of data. This is enough to suit the needs of most customers without breaking the bank. Using this plan, Canadian customers can bring their existing smartphones with them and keep their numbers.

Other contenders for the best overall plan will include the $35 a month unlimited Canadian calling plan with pay per use data. This can suit people who prefer to call but have little use for data (or those who simply look towards free WiFi spots to fulfill their data requirements).

Best Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans Explored

Virgin Mobile Canada has 11 prepaid plans in total, at the $7, $15, $25,$28  $35, $45, $50, $60, $65, and $75 a month range (with two options at the $25 a month mark). Four of these are limited-time offers. Virgin Mobile Canada has a package to suit everybody.

All plans include:

  • Voicemail & Call Display.
  • Call Waiting.
  • Call Forwarding.
  • 3 Way Calling.
  • Unlimited Incoming Text.

Most of the plans come with unlimited Canada calling (except the $7 and $28 prepaid plans). There are benefits to each plan. For instance, The $75 a month plan offers 10 GB of data (more than enough for most people on a smartphone plan) and unlimited text and calling.

The $28 a month prepaid plan will suit those who only want to use their phone for limited purposes – to receive texts and make minimal use of data and outgoing calls. It comes with 1GB of data and pay per minute. The $25 a month plan offers unlimited calls to your province only, not to Canada.

Additional minutes cost $0.65c per minute. Unless purchase online, a $40 activation fee will apply to all plans. Data over what is included in the plan costs $10 per MG, so be very careful not to go over! This is one of the biggest disadvantages – with no unlimited data on any plan, customers need to keep usage in check.

Virgin Mobile Smartphone Plans Explored

For those looking to purchase a new phone, Virgin Mobile is the place to go. With Virgin Mobile Canada, customers can get up to $800 off a new phone when they choose the Diamond Plus plan. This plan is only available for certain phones. In total, there are 5 plans that can be used for those looking to shave some cash off of a new phone purchase. These plans are Siler, Gold, Platinium, Diamond, and Diamond Plus.

Within each of these offerings, there are subcategories that the customer can select. For example, the Gold package allows $350 off a new purchase, and there are 4 sub-plans underneath. All of the plans allow unlimited calling/texting and are priced from $60 to $90 a month.

With select two year plans it’s possible to get an iPhone XR, the LG Q70, or a Samsung Galaxy 10 for $0. So for those looking to buy a new smartphone (or tablet), a two-year plan will shave the price all the way down to zero. A Platinum 2-year plan costing $70 a month with unlimited calling and 5GB of data will allow you access to the smartphones for free:

If you’re looking for a new phone, simply head over to the Virgin Mobile Canada site, select your package (Silver, Gold, Platinium, Diamond, Diamond Plus), and see what phones are available, and what the price is per month. The plans are highly customizable depending on your preferences.

Why choose Virgin Plus?

Virgin Plus is one of the more affordable phone providers with competitive deals available. Customers who elect to bring their own phone can make huge savings. They also offer impressive new smartphone financing options.

Virgin Plus is not to be confused with Virgin Media, a British communications provider. Virgin Plus services are offered throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Chile, Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, South Africa, and Mexico. But each branch has its own unique services depending on which country it is located in.

Bell Mobility acquired Virgin Plus Canada in 2009, and some of its stores are operated by Bell. Virgin Plus mainly targets the 18 to 25-year-old age demographic, mainly using Virgin Mini Stores (‘VMS’). For Four consecutive years in a row, Virgin Plus Canada has won the Highest Customer Satisfaction for Prepaid Wireless from JD Power & Associates.

Virgin Plus Network Coverage

Virgin Plus Canada runs on a fast 4G LTE network that covers 99% of Canadians. If you want to check in and see if your area is covered, just type in your location to the Virgin Plus network coverage map.

Not only will this tell you if you are covered or not – it will let you know if you are covered by 4G LTE or 4G HSPA (‘High-Speed Packet Access). The provider also offers 4G LTE advanced. While it does not currently have a 5G ready infrastructure, the speeds of 4G LTE are more than enough for the majority of customers.

LTE is faster than HSPA, and speeds may vary depending on location. Slower speeds might be noticed in the areas of Arviat, Baker Lake, Cambridge Bay, Gameti, Iqaluit, Lutselke, Nahanni Butt, Paulatuk Rankin Inlet, Sachs Harbour, and Ulukhaktok, running on the HSPA connection protocol.

Additional Features

Virgin Plus Canada waives the $40 service fee for plans that are purchased online. This is only for new upgrades and activations. Free shipping is delivered to any location within Canada, which typically occurs within 2 business days (depending on your province). Virgin Plus Canada allows for 15 days of hassle-free returns.

The provider also has excellent customer service reviews. They are available for a call Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM EST.  They also offer huge member benefits. Members can get the opportunity to see blockbuster movies before anybody else, spot exclusive travel deals, or win festivals, convert, or gaming tickets.

The keyword with Virgin Plus Canada is ‘exclusive’. Virgin Plus Canada is perfect for people who like to have fun, go to events, and want a positive social experience without breaking the bank.

The Virgin Plus ‘My Benefits’ application works smoothly on both Android and IOS to redeem benefits easily. The benefits are personalized based on user preferences – the more you use the application, the more accurate the recommendations will be. Users can enter contests and find benefits near them.

Customers can also trade in their old phones when getting a new one. The price of the current phone can be gauged online using their site. Before trading in, remember to back up and secure personal information, remove memory and sim cards, and charge the battery.

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Virgin Plus Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Plus Provides 38 Cell Phone Plans

The average cost per month for Cell Phone Service is $40.94.

Virgin Plus offers 11 Monthly Billed Plans and 27 Prepaid Plans

Cheapest Monthly Billed Sim Only Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Virgin Plus at $15 per month

Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Virgin Plus at $15 per month

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