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Koodo is a relatively new carrier. It started in 2008 as Telus’ push to gain a stronger foothold with younger audiences. This is one of the reasons Koodo’s prepaid offer is so varied. Combine that with really good coverage and this company offers great value for money indeed.

Koodo Mobile, a subsidiary of Telus, is in direct competition with Wind, Fido, Virgin, and similar discount carriers. It offers postpaid and prepaid plans which range between $15 and $75. To be exact, the postpaid plans start at $25 and prepaid at $15.

The unlimited messaging for all plans is among the main attractions with this carrier. And those who need a new device can get their smartphones financed through the Tab program.

As for the actual offers, they come with everything you might expect. In addition to unlimited messaging, the Tab program, for example, features unlimited calls. There’s a cap on data usage, but you can easily purchase more data if need be.

Should you decide to bring your own device, you’ll get a somewhat better rate. But you need to make sure that the phone supports HSPA and LTE frequency on Koodo.

Every so often, the carrier comes out with promotions and deals that offer good value for money. So, it’s worth waiting a few months for a new deal.

And those who tend to drop their phones a lot can get a device protection plan. For Android devices, it’s $9 per month, and iPhone protection sets you back $7 to $14 per month.

Best High Data Plan – Tab Extra Large

With Koodo’s highest plan you’re getting 10 GB of so-called Shock-Free data. But what does this actually mean?

Shock-Free allows you to take a break and pause the data. This is to protect from an overage that might put a major dent in your monthly bill. To make sure you know how much data is left, Koodo sends alerts when you spend 50% and 90% of your limit.

The moment you cap the data limit, the consumption gets automatically paused. And again, you get a notification. If you need more data, you can unpause the service straight from your phone. The best thing is that this is available on all postpaid plans.

Other than that, the high data plan includes unlimited talking and texting. Plus, the plan supports Call Waiting, Call Display, Conference Calling, and Voicemail.

When you purchase in the retail store, there’s a $40 fee to establish the connection. But no fees apply should you decide to place your order online.

This service sets you back $75 per month and you should factor in additional Tab charges. The extra charges apply if you decide to get a new phone via the carrier or include additional services.

For example, you can get an iPhone 11 Pro Max for $30 per month with this plan. Nevertheless, this offer stands only if you order online.

Best Talk and Text Plan – Tab Small

Those who don’t need a lot of data on their plan should find Tab Small more than sufficient. It offers unlimited messaging and calls throughout Canada. Plus, you can include “US and International Easy Roam” without any upfront costs.

You should know that Easy Roam is available with all other Koodo Tab programs. And if you order services online, the box in front of the Easy Roam is checked by default.

Like on the Tab Extra Large, Voicemail, Conference Calling, etc. are supported. And you’d need to pay the $40 fee if you purchase at Koodo’s retail store.

At $35 per month, this is the cheapest plan on Koodo. If you bring your own phone, you can save an additional $5.

However, Coolpad Snap is an off-brand phone Koodo offers with a small charge on Tab Small.

To be exact, the carrier divides the price of the phone into $5 installments over a period of twenty months. If you need data on Tab Small, you pay what you use. And Koodo charges $10 for every 100MB     of additional data.

Best Data Only Plans

There are two data-only plans on Koodo and the company classifies both under Tab Small programs.

The plans offer 1GB and 4GB of data and they set you back $15 and $20 respectively. The carrier also includes the “Bring your own device” option. But you’re not actually making any savings if you opt to use your old device.

That being said, the regular Small Tab data-only plan allows you to include up to $240 on the contract towards a new device. The carrier’s website indicates that this money can go towards a new smartphone. However, the data only plans are available only for tablets.

These plans don’t include any minutes or messages. And the carrier requires you to maintain a mobile plan as well. Otherwise, there’s a possibility for Koodo to terminate the tablet plan based on the limitation of the company’s Service Terms.

The good news is that data-only plans have Shock-Free data, so there’s no way to ramp up the bill without you knowing about it. Roaming rates apply for both plans and you can’t roll over the data to the next month.

There’s also an option to turn on Easy Roam. But you’d need to get in touch with the customer service to determine if the same terms apply as for regular mobile plans.

Best Prepaid Plan

Koodo seems to go the extra mile to cater to the needs of its prepaid customers. These plans don’t require fixed-term contracts or credit checks. And the payments are made easy with the company’s Automatic Top-ups.

When it comes to the actual offer, you have seven different options to choose from. And there are certain features all of them share:

  • No limit on international picture messaging and texting
  • All calling features – Call display, Call waiting, Conference calling, etc.
  • You can purchase a Koodo Prepaid SIM on Amazon or at their retail store

The cheapest prepaid plan is $15 and offers 250MB of data on top of the common features mentioned above. If you need more than that, you can get 500MB and 500 minutes for province-wide calls in Canada. This option costs $25.

Heavy internet users are also covered for. You can choose 1GB, 5GB, 7GB, or 10GB. In terms of the included services, these are pretty much the same as Tab contracts. The pricing, amount of data, and calling and texting are the same, but there are two key differences.

You can’t turn on Easy Roam on any of the prepaid plans and there’s no Shock-Free data. But this isn’t surprising and Koodo offers specials boosts to compensate.

Popular and Exclusive Features on Koodo

Regardless of the type of plan you choose, Koodo offers perks that can put a smile on the faces of even the most demanding users. These are the features you should know about:

Shock-Free Data

As stated, this feature allows you to take a break from data consumption and you get usage notifications. Plus, there’s an option to track everything in real-time using the Koodo Self Service.

Ideally, Koodo would also offer this feature on prepaid plans as well. Or, at least, send a notification when the data is close to being exhausted.

True Nort Affordability

This isn’t exactly a feature, but a badge that signals the company’s dedication to offering good prices for everybody. The badge signals that the plans follow the given benchmark for affordability.

To be exact, affordability for wireless services for families. For example, this should save a family of four about $1,000 per year on telecommunication services.

Easy Roam

As one of the best and most popular features, Easy Roam may save a ton of money to frequent travelers. The article has already stated that you can activate it for free, but there’s more.

When outside Canada, you’re not billed per-use rates. Instead, Koodo charges you for the days of use. The rates of which are $8 for the U.S. and $12 for international usage. Of course, the price is for each day you spend outside the country.

Booster Add-Ons

There are about fifteen different Booster Add-Ons which apply to prepaid plans only. The add-ons are divided into three categories – data, talk, and text boost.

In addition, you can also boost the roaming services to compensate for the lack of Easy Roam. The boosts aren’t that expensive and range from $5 to $20.

Koodo’s Network Coverage

Run by Telus, Koodo has nationwide coverage that extends all the way into the Rocky Mountains. For example, the switch to Koodo from Public Mobile should be unnoticeable for most users.

The service is very strong no matter where you choose to go. Should you plan a camping trip in the Waterton National Park, there’s no need to worry you’ll end up off the grid. As for some closer-to-home scenarios, Koodo’s reception is also strong in basements and elevator shafts.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find dead spots on Koodo. According to the carrier, the network actually covers 99% of the population and operates via a coast-to-coast 4G. The exact frequencies Koodo operates on are:

  • LTE – 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)
  • HSPA – 800 MHz as well as 1900 MHz
  • LTE-a (LTE Advanced) – 700 MHz as well as 2600 MHz

It’s worth noting that HSPA, LTE, and 4G frequencies from Telus, Bell, Virgin, Rogers, and Fido are also compatible. However, those from Mobilicity. Wind, Videotron are not. Furthermore, the carrier still doesn’t provide 5G coverage, if this might change in the near future.

In most areas, Koodo offers all three frequencies, bar Manitoba and Nunavit. Here’s a list of coverage based on the given frequencies:

  • Alberta – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • British Columbia – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Manitoba – HSPA
  • New Brunswick – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Northwest Territories – HSPA and LTE
  • Nova Scotia – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Nunavut – HSPA
  • Ontario – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Prince Edward Island – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Quebec – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Saskatchewan – LTE, LTE-a, HSPA
  • Yukon – HSPA and LTE

It’s important to note that LTE-a is strong in most urban areas, yet this doesn’t mean you’ll end up without the internet on your camping trip. The speeds should be sufficient for browsing, social media, e-mailing, etc.

More About Koodo Mobile

During the first year of operation, Koodo had roaring success with its target audience. In part, this was due to straightforward plans that didn’t include fees for system charges from the carrier. Truth be told, this was so popular that other brands started to emulate the offer.

Then in 2011, Koodo came up with a completely new line-up of mobile plans. This remained largely unchanged to this day, bar certain price and data fluctuations. And it also prompted the appearance of similar offers from the competition.

Be that as it may, Koodo’s plans and user experience received a lot of recognition from the Canadian Wireless Purchase Experience Study. For instance, the carrier was ranked number one for the best customer experience. What’s more, this happened in three consecutive years – 2012, 2013, and 2014.

On the other hand, the carrier received its fair share of notoriety in 2012. Namely, the company decided to remove per-second billing. Only users weren’t informed before the fact. But that’s in the past and far from a deal-breaker.

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