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When it comes to choosing a mobile phone carrier in Quebec, customers look for a balance between the cost and the quality of the service. In Quebec, mobile users have a wide variety of companies and plan to consider, which can sometimes be overwhelming. is here to help you choose the service that is right for you.

Choosing a mobile plan involves more than just price. Consumers need to check the number of minutes of incoming and outgoing calls, the amount of data allowed, and the number of texts available.

Another consideration is whether the service supports the cell phone they own; if not, they will need to buy a phone from the company or another retail location. One option for Canadian mobile users is the service provided by Vidéotron Mobile.

About Videotron Wireless

Many Canadians are familiar with Vidéotron’s cable television service, but the company has also been part of the wireless cell phone world since 2010.

They started out as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and quickly became a popular option for customers in Québec. As a result, Vidéotron was able to build a large high-speed LTE network in the area, making the company able to offer some of the best rates and features in Canada. Vidéotron Mobile operates in Québec and eastern Ontario, but its regional partnership with Rogers Wireless gives consumers free-roaming access across Canada, even outside Vidéotron’s network.

The company also offers premium customers cross-border accessibility to the U.S. Premium and Premium+ customers can also access Club illico (serving movies and TV shows). All customers can use the Stingray music app for no additional charge.

For three years in a row, Vidéotron earned the J. D. Power’s “Highest Network Quality Performance Among Wireless Cell Phone Users in the East Region” award. Besides mobile network service, the company sells phones, tablets, and accessories.

Our Recommendation:

  • The best overall deal is the Premium 6 GB plan. It offers enough data for most users at a reasonable price. As a premium plan, it also includes the Stingray Music app and free access to Club illico for mobile.
  • The best budget deal is the Basic 2 GB plan, which is good for consumers who don’t use their phones to access the internet often.

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Videotron Cell Phone Plans

Videotron Provides 12 Cell Phone Plans

The average cost per month for Cell Phone Service is $61.87.

Videotron offers 11 Monthly Billed Plans and 1 Prepaid Plans

Cheapest Monthly Billed Sim Only Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Videotron at $33.95 per month

Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Videotron at $75.95 per month

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