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Owned by Canada’s larger telecommunications company Rogers, Fido Mobile is a wireless services provider. The first to provide unlimited service in some Canadian cities, Fido was also the first wireless service provider to offer general packet radio service in North America. At just under 3.4 million customers, Fido is Canada’s fourth-largest wireless service provider.


Fido relies on differentiation to compete. Since its inception, the company has offered unique services in the markets served. Its differentiation tactics include providing unlimited minutes in select areas, billing postpaid airtime by the second, and loyalty reward programs, among others.

Fido offers ten wireless plans, which include text-only plans. Along with wireless plans, the company offers a large selection of cell phones, tablets, and an LTE hotspot. The tablets are all available for zero down on qualifying plans, and Fido offers no-penalty balance settlement at any point during the billing period.

Its Novatel LTE hotspot device uses CAT 9 LTE technology and lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge. It’s also available with no down payment, and users can choose a discounted data plan upon purchase.

Fido also offers home internet packages in select areas. The packages range from 5 to 150 Mbps, and they’re available with all-included pricing and no contracts.

Best High Data Usage Fido Plans

Fido’s highest data plan offers 10 GB of high-speed internet along with unlimited calling minutes in Canada. It also offers unlimited calling to North America on evenings and weekends. The plan also has unlimited international text, picture, and video messaging.

Best Talk and Text Plans

Fido offers only one talk and text plan for $35/month. The plan includes unlimited talk and text within Canada. Unlimited messaging applies to messages sent from Canada on Fido’s network to email addresses or Canadian, United States, and international numbers. Messages sent and received while roaming are charged at the applicable rate.

Best Data Only Plans

Fido has two plans that don’t include calls, a 250 MB plan and a 500 MB plan. Both plans include unlimited text, picture, and video messaging within Canada as well as unlimited international incoming text, picture, and video messaging in Canada.

The 500 MB plan is a better value at $25/month, and emergency calls are available at any time on both plans. The service fees are waived for these plans.

The plans have a relatively low data cap with overage rates assessed for every 100 MB beyond the plan’s limit. Roaming is also unavailable on these plans. They’re exclusively for use within Canada on the Fido network.

Payment on these plans is less flexible than most others offered. The plans can only be selected with online billing, and a pre-authorized payment method needs to be used. That might be a significant drawback for users who are only looking for a simple prepaid data plan.

Best Prepaid Plan

Fido has almost a dozen prepaid plans tailored to a variety of user needs. They range from unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of data to daily talk only plans with no prepaid minutes for a dollar per day.

The most popular prepaid plan is the $35 plan that gives you 500 Canada-wide minutes. It’s the lowest-priced plan that offers no international calling charges as well as unlimited text, pictures, and video messaging within Canada. Moreover, calls made on evenings and weekends don’t count toward your 500-minute limit.

Call waiting is included in the plan, but call forwarding is charged at a rate of $0.45 per minute, as are voicemail minutes. Roaming fees also apply to this plan. As a monthly prepaid plan, the balance will reset every 30 days that are paid in advance. Unused minutes don’t roll over to the next month.

You can bring your own phone for the prepaid plan or you can choose from dozens of models the Fido offers. All prepaid plans are eligible for Fido add-ons, which include data in increments of 100 MB, 500 MB, and 1 GB, extra texts, and long-distance calling and outgoing texts.

Popular and Exclusive Features of Fido

Fido has a number of customer-friendly features that you’ll love, starting with the data overage protection.

Data Overage Protection

Available on all its data, talk, and text plans, this feature protects you from going over your plan’s data and incurring the related charges. You also get a text when you’re reaching the limit of your data plan as a warning. If you want to continue using data for the billing period, you can choose to add more through Fido’s app or by visiting

Fido Xtra

Another great feature is Fido Xtra, Fido’s perks program that brings you great savings and other benefits from partnered brands.

Fido Xtra is included with all Fido postpaid plans and home internet plans. Once you register for a Fido My Account, you can check for new offers each Thursday through the Fido app on your phone. Each week, you’ll be eligible for new offers from participating brands and Fido.

Five Extra Hours of Data

One of its most popular features, Fido gives you an extra five hours of data per month when you need it the most on select plans. Here’s how it works:

Every billing cycle, you get five hours of data that don’t count toward your data limit for that cycle. That means any data used in those five hours is in addition to your plan. Whenever you need it, you can activate an hour of extra data from your Fido My Account app.

An hour after activation, you’ll go back to using your plan’s regular data. However, the extra data can’t be used in extended coverage areas or when roaming outside Canada. Moreover, you can only activate one free hour of data in a 24-hour period. Once you activate an hour, you’ll have to wait until the next day to activate another.

In the Fido My Account app, you can also check how many hours you have left and how much data you’ve used during your extra hours.

About Fido

Launched initially by Microcell Solutions in 1996, Fido was started with the goal of revolutionizing Canada’s wireless industry. Fido went through several pricing models since its inception and today follows suit with most other carriers with few exceptions.

VoiceStream, now T-Mobile, partly funded Fido’s initial development, and Fido was the first Canadian provider to offer services on a GSM network.

In November 2004, Fido was acquired by Rogers Communications for an estimated $1.4 billion. Rogers Communications would go on to acquire Sprint Canada shortly after. Fido was repositioned as the mid-range option for all of Canada and, as of 2013, had well over three million customers. Currently, it employs over 2000.

Fido’s biggest selling point is its variety of plans offering bring-your-own-phone options. While Fido and Rogers Wireless share many features and price points, Rogers mostly offers plans that require the purchase of one of its devices.

However, that flexibility comes at a price. there’s often a delay before the latest models of phones are available at Fido.

The primary competitors are Virgin Mobile Canada and Koodo Mobile, both having similar price points and catering to a similar millennial demographic.

Following pressures from competitor Koodo Mobile, Fido was rebranded and relaunched in 2008 with more discount options. At that point, Fido added plans identically priced to Koodo’s and with the system access fees waived.

In 2013, Fido started offering home phone services, which has become a significant part of its business.

Fido, along with many other Canadian carriers, made a substantial shift to their pricing model in 2018. Before then, phones and plans were typically bundled under one price. To increase pricing transparency, Fido started pricing its plans separately from the phones.

Fido’s Network Coverage

Fido serves as the mid-range brand for Rogers. It shares Rogers’s towers and vice versa.

The network runs on the GSM, 4G HSPA+, and LTE technologies.

Rogers, and by extension, Fido, offers coast-to-coast coverage in Canada. Unfortunately, Fido doesn’t offer LTE coverage in all its markets.

Rural areas don’t have LTE coverage but by and large 3G coverage. Overall, 97% of Canadians are covered either through Fido’s own towers or Rogers towers. In addition, Fido offers data roaming in over 200 worldwide locations with 300+ roaming partners.

The network supports all modern phones, and Rogers’ network ranks highly on reliability and up-time. While 5G capabilities are currently not available to customers, it is being tested on Rogers networks. With plans to start 5G coverage in late 2020, Fido customers will have access to that technology as well.

Fido currently has LTE coverage:

  • Kentville
  • Halifax
  • London
  • Hamilton
  • Sudbury
  • Kelowna
  • Vancouver
  • John’s
  • Quebec City
  • Windsor
  • Timmins
  • Moncton
  • Calgary
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa

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Fido Provides 31 Cell Phone Plans

The average cost per month for Cell Phone Service is $48.62.

Fido offers 20 Monthly Billed Plans and 11 Prepaid Plans

Cheapest Monthly Billed Sim Only Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Fido at $15 per month

Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan is Provided by Fido at $1 per month

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