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Best Internet Providers and Plans in Alberta

Best Internet Providers and Plans in Alberta

Compare the best internet service providers in  Alberta

In this era of binge-watching and video streaming, having flawless internet is important. If you have ever had to bear with buffering when watching the winter Olympics, you can identify with that. Every ISP in Alberta will promise you heaven. However, do they live up to their billing? Surely, there must be a way of being in control.

We are perpetually comparing and listing ISPs in Alberta according to what they are offering. Are you interested in knowing who comes out top in any category? Are you restrained by your budget? You will find all the information you need from our internet providers comparison site.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Internet providers in Alberta with their most popular plans.

#1 Internet Provider in Alberta


VMedia provides high-speed internet services for homes in different parts of Canada. Customers get to choose from various speed-based plans depending on their usage requirements. VMedia offers internet connectivity through DSL and cable.

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Olympus Group

At Olympus, they keep things simple. No extra fees. No locked-in contracts. A guarantee of the lowest rate and guarantee savings on your internet. It takes just 5 minutes to sign up!

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Cheap Internet in Alberta


Distributel places its customers in the center of its operations and likes to stay on top of the latest advancements in technology. Currently, it offers cable and DSL internet, landline phones, and LD or TV. The company’s most attractive product is its high-speed internet plan without data capping which allows customers unlimited downloads.

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Telus is a global telecommunications leader. The award-winning company and one of the favourite internet service providers in Edmonton delivers a variety of telecom services. In Alberta, Telus offers four distinct internet plans.

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The AEBC Internet Corporation is an internet service provider that likewise offers TV packages. The company provides unlimited internet usage for its residential consumers. It offers DSL, cable, and fibre internet services. AEBC is one of the top internet service providers in Edmonton as it provides high-speed internet service all over Alberta and British Columbia.

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Caneris is one of the leading high-speed DSL service providers in Canada. The company also offers fibre option connection, website hosting, and private LAN solution services. Caneris provides four internet plans in Canada.

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Most Reliable Internet Service in Alberta



Bell Bell is one of the leading internet providers in Canada. Should you opt to sign up with Bell, you can avail of facilities such as: Affordability with plans starting at a minimum charge of $39.95 Maximum download speeds of 300mbps Availability of 12 internet plans including 3 unlimited data plans

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Nucleus is one of the first companies to provide internet services to users in Canada. It initiated services in Calgary in the year 1993 and set up base for business operation in Edmonton in 1997. Within the first few months of 2000, the company had started providing DSL internet to users in the province of BC. Nucleus now provides a range of services under the umbrella term, “Everything Internet.” Network Consulting Website design Web hosting Internet connectivity, Virtual Private Servers Voice Over IP

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Xplornet is committed to providing efficient internet services to users through a wide network of fixed-wireless towers affixed in the ground and a highly advanced satellite system in space. They cater to users in most locations in the country including remote areas.

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Teksavvy Teksavvy has the distinction of providing users all over Canada with high speed internet services. Here are the other facilities you can avail of: Affordability with internet plans at minimum prices of $24.95 Highest download speeds of 100mbps Selection of 32 internet plans in the country.

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Operating out of its base in Calgary, Alberta, under the company name of Shaw Communications Inc., Shaw is a telecommunications company and an ISP. It provides internet connections to users mainly in Alberta and British Columbia in addition to locations like Northern Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Here are the facilities you can avail of with Shaw: The minimum cost of internet plans by Shaw start at $55. Highest download speeds of 150mbps Offers 4 internet plans in the country Has cheap unlimited internet plans Other mass media-related facilities along with internet, telephone, and TV services

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Find the Best Unlimited Internet Plans in Alberta

I know you hate having to check your internet usage all the time so that you do not exceed the limit. Getting a high-speed unlimited internet plan for your home can let you surf the web and stream videos without the worry of overhead charges of exceeding your bandwidth.

Along with comparing internet plans in Alberta, you can find the best cell phone plans in Alberta.

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