Best Distributel Internet Plans

If you’ve been looking for a reliable internet service provider (ISP) that has extensive coverage in most of the locations in Canada, you could consider opting for Distributel. The company is wholly focused on providing various futuristic plans that are likely to meet the requirements of most customers.

Distributel offers 33 internet plans. The fastest download speeds are up to 940 mbps with the pricing starting at $37.00. Distributel offers Cable,DSL internet service. Distributel currently offers internet service in and more.

Distributel Internet

Perhaps, one of the critical factors contributing to the company’s growth is its highly innovative approach and dedication to evolving with cutting edge technology. In addition to cable and DSL internet connections, you can also sign up with Distributel for landline phones and television services for both, domestic and commercial use. The single defining factor that clinches the deal for most customers is the high-speed internet plans without the constraints of data capping.

Areas Served by Distributel

If you’re looking for high-speed internet plans, know that Distributel serves customers in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario. Users anywhere across Canada can sign up for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Digital Home Phone services. Further, IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is available in all the prime locations in Quebec and Ontario.

Distributel Now Boasts a Selection of Top Companies in its Network

Since its establishment in the year 1988, Distributel has been steadily working to improve its services. In September 2016, the company added Yak Communications to its portfolio, buying it off from Globalive. The year 2017 saw Distributel successfully partnering with jBilling, an innovative billing system. This new collaboration provided customers with a streamlined and easy-to-use platform for making payments.

Zazeen TV Becomes a Part of Distributel

In November 2017, the company acquired a 100% stake in the well-known Zazeen TV network. Thanks to this addition, Distributel can now provide additional TV and internet bundles at highly competitive rates.

At present, Zazeen TV serves all the prime areas in Quebec and Ontario and customers have been appreciative of the attractive savings they can make as compared to the typical charges of larger phone and cable companies. For instance, you can opt for bundles ranging from the Basic package priced at $25 to the more advanced bundle for $100 which includes more than 110 channels. Each of the packages combines economical internet plans that provide good value for money along with a sizeable volume of services. Needless to say, Zazeen TV could help Distributel make giant strides in the market of telecommunications today. In the upcoming few months, customers can look forward to a selection of new channel packages along with expansion to new locations in Canada.

Distributel Now Offers Fiber Optic Communications

Distributel now has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecom arena offering, not just high-grade connectivity, but also consultation services. Customers can rely on the expertise provided by professionals who can guide them on the best plans to suit their requirements.

About Distributel

Distributel was first established in the year, 1988 and is today, one of the top-ranking telecommunications company in Canada. Independently-owned and operated with headquarters in Toronto, the ISP offers national coverage and has offices in all the prime locations across the country.

Since its inception, Distributel has been partnering with other companies and acquiring known brands to expand its service network and bring groundbreaking digital services to its customers. ThinkTel is the Business Services Division of Distributel and is also a Cisco PMP and a high-grade Microsoft Solutions Partner.

This division is also responsible for providing advanced data and voice services to startups and small and medium businesses. Distributel now also offers television services in English and French in most cities in Quebec and Ontario.

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Distributel Internet

Distributel Provides internet service in 13 Provinces

The average cost per month for internet by Distributel is $67.66.

Distributel has a total of 33 Internet Plans

Distributel offers the highest speed of 940 mbps

The lowest price for internet by Distributel is $37.00 

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